Snowflakes are at it again!


Snowflakes ‘think full stops are aggressive and unfriendly’ after Twitter row erupts. The Sun, Mail etc.

Schools/colleges/uni’s have ”special rooms” where saddo snowflakes with no lives can go and chuck their childish tantrums and sulk and pout and be branded as ”delicate”.

When I was a kid it was called being an obnoxious brat, told to grow up and put over someones knee for a severe arse whacking! Decent spelling and grammar are part of being intelligent but the I’m-so-offended-by-everything-and-everyone brigade think ”wur r u” instead of ”where are you?” and ”wanna and gonna” instead of ”want to and going to” are OK!

I’m SO not happy with Linkedin! They’ve ‘restricted’ my account, can’t get into it at all because they INSIST I’ve posted ‘inappropriate or illegal activity’ WHICH I’VE NOT and have been ‘sending too many messages to various precipitants ‘WHICH I’VE NOT. If someone messages me I reply, in fact, 99/100 private messages I ignore and delete, it’s rare when I reply and I’m not in the habit of pestering anyone on there, privately or publicly! Linkedin, you really need to get things sorted if you want to keep getting people to sign up with you!

Out of nowhere I felt really sad': readers on how they felt at 47 ...

I was in the kitchen last night putting our dindins on the metal tray for the mini-oven. The old fart was in the living room with his headphones on. All of a sudden he ”materialized” in the kitchen running towards me at speed and shouted BOO! Pardon me for saying it but I absolutely CRAPPED myself as I shot through the roof with fright and my heart was climbing along the ceiling! It’s lucky the food I’d put on the tray was frozen because if I’d have just got it out boiling hot or something boiling from the microwave I dread to think what could have happened! The old bugger thought it was piggin’ hilarious! He’s a sod for that type of thing and has scared me to death many times over the years! At work I’m working in the main room where the customers come in, next to it is a middle customer room then next to that is our office. Yesterday he was in the office, I was in the main room. I stood up to empty my rubbish bin only to find him stood literally right behind me and as I turned I crapped myself again as I just saw slightly out of my eye something dark behind me! I shot around in utter terror to find HIM stood there! I genuinely and honestly think he’s going to give me a sodding heart attack one day!